Well the weather here in Northern Ky is beautiful. The leaves have yet to begin wearing their fall clothes, but it shouldn’t be too long before they start wearing red and gold. Then this entire area will bathed in a glow of almost perfection. Something about fall makes you forget your troubles for a little while.
Amazon and Createaspace(i’m not sure how to spell it). Be sure to buy and by all means, read it. It is a very good book with lots of blood and gore, and even a ghost. Don’t forget to rate it after you read it. That’s the only way we will climb in Amazon’s book charts


Garden_of_the_Gods[1]Well didn’t I just have myself  a pity party last night!  Sorry folks.  There are people who have it so much work than I do.  But, I believe everyone, man, woman or child, should allow themselves one day a month to sit around, feel sorry for themselves and cry it out.  Man that is one great stress reliever.  We all have down days, yesterday was mine.  It’s done, over with and now to get on with it.  The sunshine will brighten the day.

Woke up to another chilly morning with the temperature in the low forties and high humidity for Colorado.  The mountains are socked in, but I hope we eventually have sunshine.  Even my fur babies are snuggled down, either under a blanket or on my bed.  I have a fuzzy afghan on my bed and the young female cat loves to curl up on it.  Everything I own in the way of bedding is washable.

All this humidity is not helping to dry that layer of oil paint I applied to the canvas yesterday.  I have others to work on,  and will work on a different one today.

Also, I need to finish the formatting for CreateSpace and upload THE STONE KILLER for a print on demand book.  So back to work.

Everyone have a great day and stay safe,



2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRFirst, my oil painting is coming along great.  Second, here is the new cover for the next book in the Jonas Black series, THE HANGMAN.  We were going to call the book THE RECKONING, but since we named the first one after the killer, we decided to continue the practice.  Please let us know your opinion on the title and on the book cover.  It was this cover or one of a man descending into the fires of hell.  We like this one, but we do value your opinion.

As we have always maintained, the name Dreamah H. Lockwood is a pseudonym for my sister and I.  We write under that name in memory of our sister Dreamah who died on September 13, 2012.  Maybe that is why I have felt so sad most of the day.  Tomorrow or today, depending on where you live, is the anniversary of her death.  I hate that she is gone.  But too many of my family have died.  Most of the months of the year are marked by the death of someone we have loved and lost. Years ago, in March, we lost our father.  April was for me the loss of a dear friend and coworker.  2005 was a hell of a year on us.  May took our mother, June a longtime friend, July a niece and the following July, a beloved nephew, August, is the anniversary of our youngest sister’s death, she died some time ago, September was the father of my great nephews.  October , we got a reprieve from death.  But November 2005, death claimed another sister as well as a friend.  December claimed my dog, and a brother-in-law.  And so this year in July, the loss of another dear friend in a motorcycle accident.  Sometimes I feel as if my heart will break it has so many holes in it.

We put a lot of emotional experiences into our novels.  If you read any of our books, we try to fill them with the hope of the lost finding their way home, justice for the victims, or our family overcoming death by letting us know they still watch over us.

I know my mother and sisters still watch over me.  When I am ill or down in the dumps, I can smell my one’s sister’s cigarettes.  She chain smoked and it eventually killed her.  When I have the odor of cigarettes, mixed with the scent of my mother’s White Shoulders cologne and I am not feeling well, you guessed it, the combination makes me feel worse.  Sometimes, I can smell Dreamah’s perfume; she only used L’Air du Temps.  It is light and airy and smells wonderful.  I don’t use cologne or perfumes.  Everything I use is unscented because I worked in a hospital and cologne and scented creams can make a patient feel sicker as well as your co-workers.

Anyway, I wouldn’t ask them not to come and watch over me no matter how much their perfumes or cigarette odor makes me feel.    These odors are a comfort to me when I feel rotten and down.  So keep haunting me mom and sisters.  Always let me know you are still with me.  I miss you all so very much.

Don’t let anyone tell you that time will heal the loss of a loved one.  That wound is always there, all time does is help us learn to cope.  There are still tears that get shed and that missing piece of our heart doesn’t heal, it only scars over.  Tears are healthy so let them flow.  Know that our loved ones are always around and watching over us.  Believe it, I do.

Everyone, have a great weekend, keep writing and stay safe.



NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRDon’t you just love it when you’re in the process of formatting a book to upload and you keep screwing it up.  That’s what has been happening with me in formatting THE STONE KILLER to upload to CreateSpace.  It’s just a matter of completing this simple task and the book will be ready to be available a paperback.  I think I’ve been pushing myself so hard to get things done, my brain needs a break.  I know I have worked staring at this computer screen until my eyeballs actually hurt.  Time to back off for a day.

Well, I went into my art studio to work on an oil painting that is close to being finished.  I thought I needed to dust.  I have three cats and it’s so much fun to be working on a painting and find cat hairs in your oil paint.  The dusting led to the floor, which led to cleaning the bedroom, the bathroom, the office, living room, kitchen and doing the laundry.  By the time I finished, I’d cleaned the entire house and done all the laundry, even my critter’s beds.  They love their beds fresh and clean and smelling of lavender.  By that time, I had to shower and put on clean clothes before collapsing in my recliner, too tired to even thing of picking up a paint brush.  As the old saying goes, the best laid plan of mice and men somehow go astray.   Mine did, but I have a clean house and all my laundry is done.

Don’t forget folks, THE STONE KILLER is available on in the Kindle edition for the moment until I can upload the paperback edition.

I can’t believe that we have a cold front on the way to Colorado for Friday.  It was chilly this morning, in the forties.  The low tonight is predicted to be in the thirties.  I guess I need to turn on the heat for tonight.  The high for tomorrow is to be fifty.  Chilly, but not bad.  Some areas have a prediction of snow flurries.  This is September.  It’s too early for snow at this time of year.  Oh, well, the ski resorts will love it.

Everyone have a great day and stay safe.





Oh my gracious, I promised Sister that I would do a blog last night.  Then I was so upset over my bean situation that I forgot all about it.  Now I really feel bad.  about the blog and the beans. Due to constantly editing TSK,
I ignored my garden. Saturday I decided I would just pull the bean bushes up and get rid of them. It is getting late in the year and they had no new blooms on them anyway. Well, the actual green beans had so many bug holes that after in got them In the kitchen sink, I decided to throw them away. And it was a lot of beans. Feel bad about that too.


got up to a little bit of a chill in the air this morning. Feels good. I am tired of the heat.
Well, Sister is working on THE RECKONING, it’s going to be a good one too. Until she has something for me to edit, I think I will spend my time learning this new computer.
Sister will be calling soon and I can tell her I did a blog.
You all take care and make sure your edit your work. Even after you edit it for the third time, you will find mistakes, so go trough it again.
We’ll talk later. Y’all have a fantastic day and think positive. Perhaps a publisher will call today.



Garden_of_the_Gods[1]Yesterday I took the day off.  After meeting two friends at one o’clock for lunch, we sat and talked until three.  When we meet, we can’t seem to get out of a restaurant, especially the Country Buffet, until then. But we have a good time, then we usually go to one friend’s house and continue our discussion on whatever subject we’ve been hashing over.  We have a great time together.  Since I didn’t get home until after five, I immediately took Titan out and then fed all my fur babies, before curling up in my recliner.  For some reason, I was tired.  I watched the news, which was and always is, depressing.  Starz had the movie Saving Mr. Banks scheduled, so I watched it.  It was a great movie and I highly recommend it.  If you get a chance, watch it.  It’s the story of the lady who wrote Mary Poppins and how Disney was finally able to make the movie.  It is well worth your time to see it.

NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRToday, I plan on completing the formatting of THE STONE KILLER for CreateSpace and hopefully upload it.  I plan on formatting CREATING KATHRYN CROWN and A CIRCLE OF MURDERS to upload to Lulu.  If anyone has uploaded to Lulu, would you share your experience with me.  Just post to this blog or e-mail me at

I have to learn to format for Smashword.  Any suggestion from anyone would be helpful.  During all this activity, I will be working on THE RECKONING.  I hope to have it finished this year. I’m praying hard.  Busy, busy, busy is what I always am.  My days are filled with writing, editing or trying to plan a marketing strategy for the novels.  I can write a novel easier that market one, but I have to learn how, and I will get it done.  I met a person yesterday who had some wonderful suggestions for me.  She is out-of-town for a week, but when she returns, we plan on getting together.  I need all the help I can get.

Well it is a chilly day here in Colorado Springs.  Our humidity is a lot higher than usual, due to the cloud cover.  My fur babies are all snuggled down in their beds or under an afghan.  All too soon, I’ll have to turn the furnace on.  Winter is right around the corner and I think it will be a COLD one.

Everyone take care of yourselves and stay safe.  Give THE STONE KILLER a read.  If you like ghosts, romance,  a hunky detective, murder and mayhem, you will love this book.