2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRWell, THE HANGMAN is coming along nicely.  My characters are still talking to me, thank goodness and the storyline is flowing.  All is well in the writing department, as it is with my painting.





1535724_10201179328077436_547197931_n[1]I IMAG0495finished the painting of Cooper, the dog.  He was such a sweet animal and it was so sad when he died.  The picture on the left is the one I worked from and the one on the right, of course, is the finished painting.  Of course viewed this way, I can see small imperfections  which can easily be fixed it needed, but all in all, I think I captured his likeness.  I delivered his painting last night and was delighted by the reaction of the recipient.  She really liked it, which means a lot to me.

We all went out to dinner to an Italian restaurant on W Colorado Avenue.  It was fantastic.  I ate too much and that second glass of wine tasted delicious, but I could have done without it.  I don’t drink much.  Came home, stayed up for a while and then went to bed and slept until three this morning.  I stayed awake until five at which time I curled up in my recliner and slept until eight.  The critters were kind enough not to wake me until then.  I’m trying to get them used to waking me at eight so that when we turn the clocks back on November 2nd, I won’t be getting up at six, but seven the new time.  We shall see how it works out.  They are hungry when they’re hungry and let me know it.

Well, back to work on THE HANGMAN for a while and then on to , my friend, Bill’s painting.   All I’m doing to it is finishing it up.  He did 95% of the work, I’m just putting in the final touches he had planned on doing.  He was a great friend and I will always miss his hearty laugh and ready smile.  I thank God every day that his wife, Shirley, survived the accident and is doing so fantastic.  She is a miracle and  an inspiration of overcoming the odds.  Determination and hard work will make you succeed.  NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!

Everyone have a great day and stay safe.




I NEVER SEEM TO KNOW WHAT I AM GOING TO SAY WHEN I SIT DOWN HERE AT THE COMPUTER. I JUST MAKE UP STUFF THEN GO FORTH WITH MY JIBERISH. I just noticed the first paragraph is in all caps. Well you know and I know I should fix it, but I’m not going to. I do not understand this machine. I am typing away and suddenly, the screen goes to the windows page. As that ice skater Nancy What’s her Diddle cried, WHYYYYYYYYYYYY, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.
I do not think I will ever understand this computer. Why does my cursor jump to the middle of an earlier sentence and put words there?
Well, so much for that crap. The sun is out this morning and the world is beautiful. The temp is 61 here in Northern KY. That makes it even more beautiful. We had rain for three days. Needless to say, the dogs have carried most of the yard into the house, so I must sweep again. Since I have wood floors, I sweep every day, and I get a load of hair and dirt every day.
I know you all have better things to do than sit and read my blogs, like editing.) Y’all take care of yourselves and stay on this side of right. Hug your dogs and kiss your babies. We’ll talk later.

1/2 DHLIMG_0468


Good morning all, as usual I have been telling Sister I would do a blog, but this is really the first time I have remembered to do so. The first thing I want to get off my chest is that I HATE THIS DAMN COMPUTER! I miss my Mac. I bought an HP with a touch screen and windows 8.1. It is the most confusing thing I have ever tried to use.
We got up to 43deg. this morning. Happy to see some cooler weather. But it won’t last, we are supposed to have 79 by Thursday.
This is he first year we have had apples on our tree. Two of them. The wind blew one off the tree and I decided to just go head and pick the other one.
Sister sent me some pages to edit, so that’s good. But not today. Today is football Saturday and nothing takes priority, unless you’re having a stroke or something. Then I would still be a little miffed. At 3:30 nothing gets in the way of FL. State playing.
I sure hope you all are having a nice day, and if you have purchased THE STONE KILLER(why not) please go back to Amazon and write a review of the book. We greatly appreciate the ratings.

You all have a real nice day and don’t forget to edit one more time.
we’ll talk again later.

1/2 DHL



I would ask everyone who has purchased THE STONE KILLER, if you like the story, please write a review on  And thank you for buying our novel.




2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRI am working on the next book in the series, THE HANGMAN.  I guess killing off bad people on paper is my niche.  Anyway, that is the attitude of my killer in THE HANGMAN.  He hates injustice and decides to do something about it.  His life was hell for a long time and he is haunted by what happen in his past and all that he lost.   He feels he should dish out the justice he was never given.



I am happy to say that I am in the final stages on my oil painting.  Once is it completed, I will post a photo of it.  I have so many to finish, but they will be completed.  My next work will be on a landscape for my dear friend, Shirley.  Then on to all the painting that need finished, one by one until they are done.

Well, we had snow on top of Pike’s Peak today.  Not a lot, but enough to show.  A cold front is moving through this evening and the temperature is dropping into the thirties tonight.  I feed a little outside stray that I’ve been trying to get to come into the house.  She isn’t ready yet and I worry she will get too cold.  I’ll keep trying to coax her inside.  I hope to get her into the house before it snows.

I hope all of you have a great evening and a better tomorrow.  Remember, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.  And yes, I know the saying is from the movie Galaxy Quest, as someone just had to point out to me.  It is still a great motto and I have adopted it as my own.  Keep writing folks.

Don’t forget to give our novel, THE STONE KILLER a read.  I think you will like it.

The best to you all.



IMAG0239IMAG0238 I’m sure I’ve blogged or posted on Facebook that I’m working on an oil painting of an animal.  Later on, I want to finish the head of a lion from a picture I found somewhere.   The picture to the left is of the start of the painting which I began some time ago.  Also is the picture of my duck which my art teacher bought right off my easel before it was dry.   If you’ve ever tried to paint animal fur, it is done one hair at a time, first the dark colors are applied all over the animal.  You have what looks like a big blotchy mess on your canvas that looks like a child’s attempt at painting.  Maybe a child could do it better.  Anyway, you work from dark to the lightest light, one stroke at a time.  I have a few brushed that are designed for painting hair or fur, but I find laying in one hair at a time, while time-consuming, is the best method.  And, believe me, if your art studio is on the smaller side, mine has a bed and nightstand in it, you use an odorless turpentine or medium to work with.  If you don’t, I feel sorry for you.  Even listed as odorless, it still has a faint smell to it.  I am glad I have a window to open in my studio.  Everything is organized for easy painting in my studio and I love it.

Laying in your dark colors first in an oil painting, building house, or any project, is like writing a novel.  You have to have a good foundation to build on to make the painting or a story work.  The two are similar in many ways.

I haven’t done much writing over this past week due to continual headaches.  My doctor tells me it is caused by my clenching my teeth at night and during the day which is inflaming my TMJ joints.  I don’t even realize I’m doing it.  So tonight, I’m taking  a muscle relaxer to see if it will help.  So since Titan is pacing the floor wanting me to go to bed, I’m headed in that direction.

Don’t forget folks, THE STONE KILLER is available on  as an e-book or in paperback.   Give it a read and let us know what you think.  We’d appreciate it.

Everyone take care and stay safe.














hey everyone:  I

don’t have anything to edit, so I just feel useless.  Of course, their are a gazillion other things I work on.  Let’s see, my house seems filthy.  I saw a post on Facebook the other day with a dog talking “if you don’t want dog hair on  your clothes, stay off the furniture.  Well, that is my humble abode.  Covered in dust bunnies and dog hair.

I have begun helping my daughter at her dance studio two nights a week.  I like watching the little ones when they are first learning a step.  I, also, like watching my baby girl teach.  She is so patient and sweet with her students.  I have a sweater I have been knitting for over a year.  My grapes are rotting on the vine.

Back to the real reason we do these blogs.  If we help or inspire one person to edit till they drop, it will be worth it.  There are times when I thought I would just kill Jonas Black off and get it over with.  But that would be counter productive to what you are trying to achieve.  Yes, I get so tired of reading a book over and over, but it must be done.  And now I sit here wishing Sister would get on with the next book in the series.

I think I will run the vacuum, so you all take it easy, stay safe and be good to yourselves.

We’ll talk later

1/2 DHL

Sunset in NKY

Sunset in NKY



NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRI have preached my motto, never give up, never surrender,  to you all since we uploaded our first novel, A CIRCLE OF MURDERS.  I firmly believe in that motto, and will continue to believe as I continue to work to succeed as an author.  But being a writer is a daunting task in the effort for all self published authors to market of our books.  Sometimes coming up with ideas to promote THE STONE KILLER and our other novels leaves me too mentally exhausted to even look at my computer screen.  I have read most blogs and suggestions on the Internet from others how to market.  I have contacted newspapers, television stations, book stores about book signings and emailed everyone I know and some I didn’t know telling where to buy the book and what it is about.   And if they buy it, and enjoy the story, please tell your friends about it and to buy it.

Why is it when you say you are a self published author that some people automatically think, “well, she couldn’t find a traditional publisher so her book can’t be very good”.  I see it in the expression on people’s faces and it pisses me off.  Granted there are poorly written books out there, but for God’s sake, don’t put a person down because they self publish before you read their work.  Even the poorly written book deserve acknowledgement for that writer’s effort.  I will not give anyone a bad review.  If you don’t like an author’s work, keep your mouth shut and let us decide for ourselves.

There are a great number of outstanding authors out there who self publish.  They do it because traditional publishers take forever to get a book out on the market, don’t want to spend the money to promote a book and don’t want to give an author a decent percentage of sales.   It doesn’t mean we can’t write.  It only means we want a decent pay for our efforts.  And yes, I hope I can consider myself a good authors who tells a riveting story.

Literary agents are missing the boat by not considering self published authors.  All they have to do is look inside the book on Amazon or any of the other sites to discover how well an author can write.  They should buy it, they might like it.  How well a book sell on self publishing sites is only indicative of how much marketing has been done.

Anyway, I’m off my soapbox for the evening.

Our books are about murder and mayhem, Jonas Black hunts down the evil wrecking havoc in his town and tried to give justice to those who have been wronged.  On my computer, I have outlined and started four more of the Jonas Black books in the series, THE HANGMAN, THE SNATCHER, THE ADVENGER, THE GARDNER plus brief sketches of others stories.

089I have been working most of the day on an oil painting. The painting at the left is on a 30 x 48 canvas and was created for a Christmas contest where I used to work.  It is of Billie from the Polar Express movie and now hangs on the wall at my sister’s house in Kentucky.  It was a gift to my sister’s husband because he liked the painting so much and watches the Polar Express every Christmas.

Creating a painting gives my mind a break from keeping track of all the minute details in the storyline of a novel.  It is relaxing and tiring at the same time.  Most of my photographs for painting I want to do are loaded onto my tablet.  I worked so long today, I ran the battery down.  I hope to have this painting finished by Monday at the latest.  There is a lot of detail work that has to be applied in layers.  When it is finished, before I deliver it to the person it’s for, I’ll take a picture and post it in a blog.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Have a great Sunday and stay safe.  Keep writing,  NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.