MY SON AND HIS WIFE ARE ON THEIR WAY BACK TO FL.  This move is good for his career, but very hard on his mother.  I’m sure Joni will be happier as that is where their children live. Let me just mention here, WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT BUY A TOUCH SCREEN COMPUTER.  I AM GOING OUT OF MY MIND WITH THIS THING.  Sister has tried to help me, she knows computers, but we have had no luck in just deleting a simple document.

Got that off my chest.  Now to the subject at hand.  Please make sure of your facts.  If you have someone chewing on an Oleander twig, be prepared to write a hospital scene.



NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRI would like to scream out a bunch of cuss words right now.  THE STONE KILLER, you edit, and edit, and edit, and edit some more and your mind’s eye inserts the proper word or skips over your error and you go right along reading and miss the mistake.  SOB!  Professional editors must be able to catch ever typo because they didn’t write the book.  That is what I think.  Anyway, we were all set to upload the novel, when on a lark, I decide to check the spelling of a name one last time.  Sure enough, there are two spellings for one of the characters.  SOB!  Then, I check further.  Sure enough, I found other errors.

Mind you, sister and I have read this book out loud, word by word, sentence by sentence, and still there are blasted mistakes!  Dammit all to hell and back.  So now, we will be going over this story again, word by word, sentence by sentence.  The best laid plans. . . .SOB, SOB, SOB!!!!!!!!!!!  And my SOB does not mean I’m crying.

One good thing during all this process, the next book in the Jonas Black series, THE RECKONING, is flowing right along.  Also the others in the series, REDEMPTION and RETRIBUTION have been started.  REPRISAL  has not been started as yet.  It will be as soon as the killer starts to tell me what he/she plans.

Well, blast it all,  I think SHE just did, and boy is she pissed off!

Don’t ask me how I am able to work on three stories at the same time, I don’t know.  All I can tell you is that when something comes to mind involving one of the other novels, I write it down.  The storylines are all formed and the characters are talking a mile a minutes when I’m on each book.  They want their story out there, and so do I; I just can’t seem to write fast enough.

As a means of relaxing my brain, I have started working on my oil paintings again.  Crazy me, I have two going at the same time.  I guess that is the only way I know how to work.

Well, time to get back to work so we can get this book uploaded as soon as possible.  Everyone have a great day and stay safe.  Life is short, don’t waste it.  Tell those you care about, that you love them.  Treat them as if this is the last day they will be alive.  It may be.

The best to you and yours,




I got up to a very grey morning, but I don’t mind.  I actually get tired of the sunshine.  When I lived in FL, I prayed for a blustery day.  We seldom had one.

I am fighting a bout of depression these days.  My son is moving back to FL.  Oh, it comes with a promotion and more money, as well as, a chance to move up in the company.  But gosh I am going to miss them.  And it probably means we have to make that dreaded trip to the cesspool of the world, Florida.

I have 148 more pages to edit on TSK, then Sister will do her thing.  It should be up on Amazon in a couple of weeks.  She has already started working on the next in the series, and honest to Pete, I can’t remember the name of it.  But it will be good, so get your eyeballs ready for a good read.

Does anyone know how to grow a Lilac bush?  It bloomed this spring and then keeled over and died. It broke my heart too.  That is one of my favorite flowers.

Bella just came into the office so there will be chewing of something going on.  I need to give her her Prozac before it gets too far gone in the day.

You all be good to yourselves and don’t forget to edit, edit, edit.

We’ll talk later

1/2 DHLIMG_0740


Good morning everyone.  I know it has been a while since I blogged.  I have been spending  most of my time editing TSK or picking green beans from the garden.  Then they have to be cleaned and snapped, blanched in boiling water, cool down and put in  freezer bags.

This damned computer is another matter.  I have discovered I hate it.  I do so wish I had bought a Mac.  The Word program I bought is for Mac or HP.  Stupid me, I am having so much trouble even keeping the cursor on the correct line.  For some reason, it decides where the cursor will go when I hit Enter.  Or there might be the possibility that I am doing something wrong.

I am running back and forth from the computer to the kitchen sink, which is full of beans that were picked a couple of days ago.  I clean the beans till I get tired then sit here try to think of something brilliant to say.

Well Sister just called, she is ready to start the reading of TSK.  We read it aloud so that will take at least a week.

I had better get back to the sink. 

You all take care of yourselves and stay cool.  We’ll talk later.  I haven’t learned to put pictures in on this piece of scrap metal. 

1/2 DHL




First and foremost, keep the prayers for our friend Shirley and her family coming.  They have so much to face and need all the prayers you can send out to them. Thank you.

NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRIt is a lovely 73 degrees this morning, the sun is out and this is supposed to the last day of temps in the nineties.  Thank you God.  It has been a rough week for me and the critters with it being so hot. We will enjoy the cooler weather.  I hope it gets here soon.  Sister and I are winter people.  We bitch about the heat and if it snows too much, we bitch about the snow, but not about it being cold.  We can put on clothes to keep warm, but when it’s too hot,  you can’t take enough off.

I am still hard at work, in between bouts of it being too hot to even turn on the computer, on THE RECKONING.  Sister and I will be discussing finding the right book cover shortly.  She is trying to finish the editing on THE STONE KILLER.  We want this book uploaded for everyone to read.  The story surprised me the way the characters took over and fed me the information.  They wrote the book, all I did was type it into the computer.  That has started happening already with THE RECKONING, which makes me happy.  Even REDEMPTION, the first chapter, is started.
I know, you can only write one book at a time.  But that is not how it works with me.  When the story is wanting to be told, all this information pops into my head and I have to put it down on paper.  So I will have two or three books going at the same time, but my main focus will be on one.  I know, I’m weird, but that’s the way I work.

Well, the temperature is on the rise, so I’d better get done what I have to do. Everyone have a great day and stay safe.




On July 15, in northern Ohio, my dear friend, Bill, lost his life in a motorcycle accident.  My other dear friend, his wife, is in the hospital with critical injuries.  Please keep my friend’s wife and family in your prayers.  She has a lot of injuries to overcome.  My heart breaks for the family,  and I wish I could offer some comforting words, but what can I possibly say other than I will keep praying for your mother and your family.  I wish I could do more than offer just words, but I can’t.

Bill was a big man and the  sweetest and kindest man I have ever known.  He would tease me saying I was always killing off all the men in my novels.  I always answered that I was an equal opportunity killer and killed off an equal amount of women.  He’d just laugh at that.  He was my nephew’s best friend, he was Veteran of the US Air Force, he believed in the plight of the American Indians; he was an avid motorcyclist and loved to ride his bikes.  He said it made him feel free riding down an empty highway, and most of all, he loved his wife and family.  They meant more to him than anything.   He was all those things and so much more.

I have felt numb inside since the accident.  Working has not been possible, until yesterday when I forced myself to do something other than sleep.  Sleep is one of my means of escape.  I slept for the majority of three days.  I am at last making myself stay awake, and I try to write in between bouts of sadness.  Writing is my other means of escape.  I put my feelings on paper to relieve the ache in my heart.  I try to keep busy and not think of Bill’s death, but I do, it’s always on my mind.  I can’t help but think of him.  I keep his wife and family in my prayers daily and ask that you do the same.

I will always miss my dear friend.

Anyway, my sister bought a new laptop, an HP instead of a MAC.  Well, she is having problems with Microsoft Word 2013 as I have learned from the Internet other people have also.  Thank goodness  the GEEK  squad is coming today to help fix the problem, then maybe we can return to editing THE STONE KILLER.   Work is good to occupy our minds.

Everyone have a great day and stay safe.







NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRI know all of you authors hate to edit as much as we do.  But we owe it to our readers to do the best job we possibly can, and if that’s not enough, hire a professional.  I know, I know, I can’t afford one either.  That’s why I have friend proficient in English grammar and such to review what I’ve written.

I started to read a book on my tablet the other day.  It was a good story, but the mistakes in the text stopped me from enjoying what I was reading.  I found myself editing.  If you don’t have a clean copy, free of errors, don’t upload.  Hey, I make as many mistakes as everyone else.  I leave out words, insert extra words and leave off or add letters.  And our first two novels we uploaded had plenty of errors, but we corrected those mistakes and uploaded new versions.  I pray that there are no more errors in those books.  See my folded hands.  If you have errors, go back correct the original file and upload again.  Our readers deserve our best efforts.

Editing on THE STONE KILLER is going slow.  Sister has been forced to purchase a new computer and doesn’t have it yet.  Software is being added.  Remember when we could purchase a computer and all the software was already on it, Microsoft, games, security and of a lot of other programs.  Well, now they come naked as a newborn baby and you have to buy all the various programs and have them installed.  AND, you don’t get a manual or a disc.  No, you have to download from the internet.   These companies are a trip.   Okay, I’m off my soapbox.

Yesterday we had a nice rain for a change.  The sun at this altitude will cook even the heartiest plants, especially when it’s in the mid nineties as it was this past week.  And when you water, it barely soaks into the ground before it evaporates.   And, I don’t have A/C.  I have six fan on in my house at all times.  I have to keep a fan blowing on my computer when I’m trying to work or it keeps shutting down.  What we writers don’t do to get a story written.  We’re to have cooler weather all this coming week.  Thank you God.

Well folks, I have started THE RECKONING.   The story has been waiting to be written and wants to write itself .  I will let it.  All the same characters are in the new book and will continue to be for a time.  But over time, things change and people move on with their lives.  We’ll see what happens.  I really like these characters and hope you will care about them too.

Well, I’d best get back to work or we’ll miss our deadline for uploading THE STONE KILLER.

Everyone have a great day and stay safe.