Dreamah H. Lockwood is the pseudonym for my sisters and I.  We love to read and especially write books with an unusual twist.  We are using the name Dreamah H. Lockwood as a memorial to our sister who died in 2012.  We have been writing as a team for several years and A CIRCLE OF MURDERS is our first work submitted for e-publishing.  Please read our book and give it an honest review at  We would appreciate your feedback.

We write romantic suspense novels.  CREATING KATHRYN CROWN is our newest book, now available also on  We are hard at work on THE STONE KILLER, a romantic suspense with a paranormal twist involving twins.  This novel will be out in 2014 and will be the first of a series involving our detective John T. Huntington.

My sister lives in Kentucky, and I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  I have just recently returned to Colorado, and the winter here should be interesting for me having spent several years in Florida.  I will adjust to the high dry air and cold weather.  After leaving Florida, my sister adjusted to winter in Kentucky quickly, and loves the cold.  Also, we are great animal lovers.  She has three dogs, and I have managed to acquire three cats.

Most of our time is devoted to writing and family.  She is married to a wonderful man and has children.  I have my four-legged furry kids to keep me busy.  But we love to write and hope to produce at least two novels a year, more if possible.

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