Today I FINALLY reviewed again and uploaded for the fourth time A CIRCLE OF MURDERS manuscript for the POD to Createspace be sold on Amazon.  I have to say this has been an experience.  First of all, the people at Createspace are very helpful and I appreciate their assistance.  I also need to say that when you are uploading any work for an ebook or a POD, you can’t go over the text too many times before and after uploading your file.

As a new self published author, the excitement of uploading the manuscript for a Kindle ebook  was overwhelming.  Even though my sister and I have written as a team for several years, this was our first venture into the publishing realm.  I honestly don’t know how many times we went over the manuscript line by line to make sure each word was spelled correctly, that each comma was precisely placed, all quote marks were valid and paragraphs were in their proper place only to discover after uploading several mistakes sticking out like flashing beacons.  All in all with my sister, myself and friends, the  book was edited close to ten times before it was even formatted for Kindle and another four time for the POD version.  All I can say is that there shouldn’t be one mistake in that book, BUT, I’ll bet you, dear reader, could find one.

I have read books that I have found a mistakes in the text and have wondered how that could happen.  The answer is simple:  as the creator of the work, our minds automatically insert the missing word and ignore that ed or s added on a word where it doesn’t belong.   So all I can say is that if you find an error, please forgive the mistake and just enjoy the story knowing that we worked hard to make the finish product as perfect as possible.   Anyone who thinks being a writer is an easy job, should try it first.  So I wish all fellow authors the best of luck in their endeavors now and for the future.

Again it is after midnight and I need to shut my brain down and get some rest.  Tomorrow I resume my editing of THE STONE KILLER and hope to have that manuscript finished soon.   So, good night for now.

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