The editing process.

The editing of Creating Kathryn Crown is turning into a slow process since my sister has to wait until she gets her new glasses before she can continue reviewing the manuscript for errors.  It does help to be able to see to edit.  Our goal of uploading by the end of July might have to be extended for a week or two.  But we shall persevere.

I wrote about my inspiration of A Circle of Murders being an actual abduction case.  Well, the idea for Creating Kathryn Crown evolved due to my unhappy marriage.  After my sister and  I had started writing Kathryn, we read in the paper about a terrible accident involving two women who were so similar in build, facial structure and hair that when one of the accident victims died, they were misidentified as to whom was deceased and who survived.  When you are miserable in a relationship sometimes you might wish for a new identity, a new face and being anywhere but where you are.  So the novel Creating Kathryn Crown was inspired by the fact I was in a miserable marriage and that newspaper article.  By the way, I divorced my husband and have been happily single ever since.   Inspiration for a story can be found any place, especially “what if” questions.   Fantasy are great unless they become a nightmare.

So while I am waiting for my sister to be able to see clearly, I’m back working on The Stone Killer.  So far my killer is having too good a time knocking people off, five so far.  Morgan Jansen, the identical twin sister of one of his victims, Marilyn Heddrix, keeps dreaming of her sister’s ghost.  Poor Marilyn can’t seem to stay dead.  The saying Karma is a bitch applies to Morgan’s twin.  Marilyn has a lot of sins to atone for, sleeping with married men,  one being with her sister’s husband, Andrew.  That’s what caused the riff between the sisters.  Morgan is even willing to forgive her sister for that if she could have Marilyn back alive and well instead of brutally murdered.  Unfortunately, as the old say goes, you don’t know what you have until you’ve lost it, is too true.

My detective  John T. Huntington, a genuine cowboy born and raised in Texas and a former Marine, is having a devil of a time.  Marilyn Heddrix was one beautiful women, so beautiful in fact that when he meets her identical twin, she literally takes his breath away.  He is immediately attracted to this woman.  Not since his girlfriend, Kelly Burton, was murdered has he felt such an attraction.  And he has the terrible job of notifying Morgan that her sister is dead.

Hopefully, I’ve captured your interest and you will look forward to the completion of this work.

Everyone who is aspiring to write, just do it.  It’s a tough job with all the editing, revision, editing, revision, editing and revision over and over trying to produce the best work possible.  But, it is so rewarding when you see your novel in printed form and receive the reviews we have received.  Yes, a couple of the reviews were relatives, but they are our toughest critics.  Believe me, if they didn’t like our books, they would say so in an instance. So don’t ever give up or surrender, keep writing.

Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe until we meet here again.

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