Chevy HHR

Chevy HHR (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, I have my new but used 2011 Chevy HHR and I love it.  Since I always give my vehicles a name,  I was going to call her Clarice II,  but Charlie sounded better.  Charlie is a metallic mocha and is sharp looking.  I love these vehicles and firmly believe, that first and foremost, God and the sturdiness of my other HHR is the reason I am alive today.  Tonight I managed to give myself a fat lower lip trying to inspect the cargo area and flipped up the divider striking my mouth.  I iced it and it feels better.   As I said, I’m a tad clumsy at times.

In the distance, I can hear rumbling again.  I cringe.  It makes me wonder if we’re in for another bout of heavy rain.  I had to drive in a wall of water coming back from the car dealership this afternoon.   I appreciate all the rain we have been getting here in Florida, but gosh, Lord, can’t you dump a few heavy days worth on Arizona and the western half of the USA.  They need it desperately, and we have had more rain in the last couple of weeks than I care to see.   Florida is actually soggy, plus the lightning has been unbelievable.  It scares one of my cats so bad, he hides under the bed.  But Florida is the lightning capital of the world.  Well, thank God, it’s not thunder, but fireworks being set off.  I sigh with relief.  I need sunshine.

So to all you great and kind people, give our novel A CIRCLE OF MURDERS a read and give us a review.   Oops, I hear raindrops.  Fudge Buckets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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