Good morning All. I hope everyone had a good night. My poor sister must be miserable down in Florida with no air conditioner. I talked to her about 11pm last night and the temperature read 80 on her thermostat. That is too hot for me. I’m sure we are all sick of the heat and humidity. We are supposed to have storms on Saturday. I can’t wait.
Went out to water the garden yesterday and came in feeling like a peeled zero. Got one lousy cucumber and one crappy green pepper. Of course, the weeds have taken over with all the rain and neither my husband nor I can bend over much for pulling them. That is a pitiful excuse, isn’t it. My tomatoes look good intertwined with my Sweet Pea vines. The pink and white blooms look nice all wrapped around the tomato plants.
Not much going on today. Going to go check out the new Iphone 5. Time for an upgrade and I really want that phone. I can hear our mother now, “You’re old enough that your wants won’t hurt you.” Lordy, I miss her.
Well, you all take care and stay cool. I’m waiting for Sister Dear to Skype me so we can go over more of Creating Kathryn Crown.
Be sure to check out A Circle of Murders and let us know what you think. We really need the ratings.
Till later,
1/2 of DHL

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