The Salvation Army logo (Anglophone Version)

The Salvation Army logo (Anglophone Version) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Colorado Sky

Colorado Sky (Photo credit: Let Ideas Compete)

My friend, Robin, and I finished sorting the rest of the boxes of stuff that have been in the garage packed away since 2006.  I found my heat collar.  You know the type you can put in the microwave, zap then wrap around your neck and shoulder to ease the ache after lifting and tugging for over two hours.  I don’t know how good it is anymore, but I’m going to give it a try.   I was surprised to find I didn’t have as much Christmas ‘stuff’ as I thought.  But, over half of the boxes in the garage hold items for sale.   I’m taking only a few pieces of furniture with me to Colorado and selling the rest.   I hope most of it sells otherwise, it goes in the trash or to the Salvation Army.

By the time Robin and I finished, it was after two.  I took a quick shower and went to meet a couple of friends for dinner at Pei Wei’s.  The Orange Peel Chicken is always good.  Since my auto accident, I am no longer in a rush to get anywhere when driving my car.  On the way to the restaurant, I did the speed limit, maybe a few miles over,  which was 40 miles per hour.  I couldn’t believe the number of people who passed me in a rush to get God knows where.  Some dodged in and out of lanes, missing cars, sometime barely having room to squeeze in behind another vehicle.  People, people, people, there is no place you have to be that is worth risking your life or the life or injury of yourself or someone else.  Believe me, I know from experience.    Do you know how important you are to those who love you?  Besides, your place in the universe can’t be filled by anyone else.  You are unique and no one can take your place.  So take care of yourselves and watch out for the other guy.  So, folks, slow down and stay alive.  Now if all the other drivers on the road would do the same.

Came home to find that my new cat had shredded the roll of paper towels I keep in my art studio.  She had a good time with that roll of paper towels.  Oh well, as long as she had fun, a roll of paper towels is worth it.  Tomorrow, Robin and I start on the art studio and boy do I have a lot of art equipment.   I am leaving my office for last as my sister and I want to finish editing CREATING KATHRYN CROWN and upload it to Amazon & CreateSpace.   Watch for it.  Kathryn’s story is another unusual novel with surprising twist.

I hope everyone had a great day and evening.  Take care of yourselves and stay safe.

Good night

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