Good morning everyone:
It is raining here in KY. Very glad to see it. The garden was looking wilted and sort of pitiful. If you haven’t realized it yet, I am the other half of DHL. The editing half. Of course, I help write too.
Well, we took the time to finish the first editing of CREATING KATHRYN CROWN. Now, sister will upload and send it to me again, and I will start all over. This process can get very boring, but it is very necessary. It’s great that we can Skype and work together.
I swear I hate that I am so computer stupid. I can’t seem to get a tag on any of my posts. I just tried to add a picture and wound up with gobbledy-gook in the middle of my text. So, ladies and gents, I am giving it up for today. I may try again, but I find I don’t have a lot to say. Don’t say anything to my sister, but I may slip in reading a book before I start the re-edit of KC. I have a couple of Baldacci books I haven’t read.
Take care and be nice to everyone. Especially yourself.
See ya.

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