karma koma

karma koma (Photo credit: PixLjUicE23)

I worked at a local hospital here in Florida for numerous years.  Today I joined my former coworker for a pot luck luncheon on their final day of employment. It was a sad occasion as that will be the last time we will all be together.  I had decided to leave my position in May and focus on my writing and my art.  I am fortunate that I have been bless with creative abilities and can make a living.  Some of my coworker are not as fortunate.

Several months ago, our hospital was sold to a large corporation that owns 75 hospitals in Florida.  When we learned the hospital had been sold, we were all assured over and over by the new company bosses that our jobs were secure.  Our hospital being the largest acquisition, our business office and staff would stay to continue to run the facility.  Of course the hospital’s CEO continued to give all the employees the same assurance.  Then we learned that that individual and her cronies were all leaving with their “golden parachutes”, some in the millions.

I have trust issues when it come to individuals who have reached their Peter Principle, their highest level of incompetence.  So when the business office staff received only minimal amount of training on the new computer systems, needless to say I was suspicious.   I tried to warn my coworkers and friends not to trust what they were being told.  I am sad to say, I was right.  Oh how I wish I was wrong.    All my friends and coworkers are now without jobs.  The business office has been moved to the company’s central business facility over an hour away.  Too far and too gas costly for most local employees to drive.

Our department is not the only one to be eliminated and I’m sure there will be others.  When a takeover happens, there are layoffs.  I guess my point is simply, why lie.  Why not be straightforward and come right out and say, yes, some of you will lose your jobs.  But no, they slithered around like snakes and continued with their lies right up to the day they called the meeting and informed everyone they would be terminated at the end of the month..

Well, since the new company took over, the reputation of the hospital seems to have declined and the local community is not happy with the new company.  This week I found out that the company that originally took over the hospital is now being themselves taken over by a bigger corporation.  I have always maintained that Karma is a bitch waiting to make you pay up for all the wrong that you do to others.   I guess Karma will collect her due from the higher echelon running the hospital at the present time.

So it is with a sad heart for my friends that I bid you good night.  I hope you had a great day.  Take care of yourselves and stay safe.


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