Well, here I sit in Columbia, SC.  The home of Steve Spurrior and the Gamecocks.  Did I not spell his name correctly?  Oh well.  He probably can’t spell Bobby Bowden or Florida State either.

Enough of that.  I shouldn’t come down on him so hard, but it is almost football season and I am prepping for the games.

The only reason I am here in SC is that my nephew is a Prof at USC, and I really wanted to see him and his wonderful boys.

As we are going on to FL. tomorrow, I brought the mss of CREATING KATHRYN CROWN with me.  Hopefully when we are not packing and cleaning out, I can get some work done on the second edit.  I am already sick of this twit and wish she would solve her own problems.  But no. sister insists we help her out so I am stuck

This family does not own a TV set.  But they have two of the brightest children I have ever met.  Makes you wonder, huh?  While my children are not stupid, they were raised with a TV in every room as that is the field their father chose to work in.  When talking to my great nephews, I feel dumber than a box of rocks.

Well, it’s off to bed for me.  Another long day on the road tomorrow, and I don’t have a lot to say anyway.  When my sisters posts something, it is always intelligent and informative.  Me, I just put words on paper.  Sometimes they make sense and sometimes, like tonight, they don’t.  But she can’t yell at me anymore for not blogging.

Y’all stay well and write, write, write


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