Hi all:

I know it seems we have given up on blogging, but honestly, we haven’t.

I just returned from Florida where we helped my sister with some packing.  I swear I don’t ever want to go down there again. It is so hot and miserable.  She had a huge yard sale on Saturday, but it was 103deg. and I was not much help to her.  The heat absolutely drains me of all energy.  I took the mss of CREATING KATHRYN CROWN with me thinking that I could edit in the evenings after packing all day.  For some reason, that was a total bust.  I never removed a single sheet from my computer bag.  But I was gonna.  That is what my kids say when they fail to do something I have asked them to do, then I wind up doing it myself.

I have wanted a Belgian Tervuren dog ever since I read an article and saw a picture of them.  They are so beautiful and intelligent.  Well since we have not made the Best Seller List with our book, I, of course, could not afford to pay $1000.00 for a puppy.  My sister did find a website for a kennel in Quincy, Fl.  If you donate $40.00 to the Salvation Army, he will give you a puppy.  Sounds like a scam, right?  Well I am a determined person so I made my donation and sent him a copy of my receipt.  We emailed back and forth for a couple of months with my husband saying there  was no way he was going to make a trip to Quincy, Fl on a whim.  But in my mind if we were going to St. Pete, why not make the 200-300 mile trip out of our way and swing by Quincy.  After all, we have no plans to return to FL.  He fell for it.  God, I love him.

In an email Mr. B. told me he had no puppies, but he did have a 1 year old that is kind of shy and timid.  She was in a pen with 9 other Tervurens and they picked on her sometime.  If I can save an a

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