English: View of Pikes Peak from the Universit...

English: View of Pikes Peak from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, sometime before 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It did not cool off much last night.  I woke up in a sweat this morning.  As I sit here at the computer, I look out through the sliding glass doors at the big Elm tree in the back yard, not a leave is moving.  But, a cool front is coming this weekend and will drop the temperature by 10 degrees.  Even without A/C in this house, I am thankful to be in Colorado.  I did not realize how much I missed being here.  Yes, I was a aware of being homesick, but to look out and see Pikes Peak any time I want makes me almost cry.  I’m an emotional person.  I cry at sad movies, at a beautiful dance routine, or when something gives me joy, like the amazing lavender plants growing all over Colorado Springs.  Yard after yard filled with blooming lavender is a glorious sight.

I bought my own pot of  lavender to plant.  It is starting to bloom.  There is a small garden in the corner of the back yard where it will thrive.  I will plant it there so when I have my morning coffee at my desk, I can see it.

Well, the unpacking is progressing.  Most of my clothes are unpacked and put away.  What amazes me is how much bedding I have.  Goodwill here I come.  I still have a lot of boxes to go through, so had better get busy.

Everyone have a great day.  Take care of your selves and be safe.

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