My new dog, Bella, is a big fraidey cat.  It’s crazy.  During the daylight hours she absolutely will not go outside, but as soon as darkness falls, we cannot keep her in the house.  We have pushed and pulled her, my husband has even picked her up and carried her outside.  Before we can get the sliding glass door closed, she is right back in.  Does anyone know a good dog psychic?

I have started all over on the editing of CREATING KATHRYN CROWN.  Several people, who should know, have said we used too many had, was and as.  This keeps the story from flowing as well as it should on A CIRCLE OF MURDERS.  So KC is getting a total redo.

Sister is sitting out in CO staring at that rock.  I don’t think she is getting a lot done, but she did just move and has a lot of boxes to unpack.  I guess I can cut her some slack this once.  Mean while, I’m sitting here in good ole KY waiting for the leaves to change.  I have so much more energy when the weather is cool.

Well, Bella goes to the vet at 3:00pm.  She is not yet fully leash trained.

You all take it easy and stay on this side of the law.  You’ll be happier that way.  Make sure you take time to write.

See y’all later.

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