Dreamah H. Lockwood

September 23, 2013

I don’t know what is wrong with me these days.  If I had to rate my mood, I would give it a -12. There is no explanation for it.  About all I do is sit and edit CREATING KATHRYN CROWN.  We are trying very hard to get it right before uploading it to Amazon.  I think the way we are doing it is good, even though it takes a lot of time.

Due to having a new dog, and one that is not leash trained or house broken, I have not been out of the house in days.  Not even to the grocery store.  Perhaps that is my problem.  I have a good case of cabin fever.  I should just shove her butt in the crate and go out.  She would survive, I think.  But she is so afraid of everything

Well I didn’t finish this several days ago, just saved it as a draft.  My internet has been down and was fixed this morning.

I did put the dog in a crate so I could go out, and OMG what a mess she made.  She was so traumatized I will not do that again.  I can’t get her into the Canine Academy until the first of the year.  I will be totally nuts by then.

On a different note, Sister and I have decided to lower the price of A CIRCLE OF MURDERS to $2.99.  Hopefully that will boost sales.  So, if you know people who have not read our first book, and I’m sure there are some out there, tell them to buy it now at a great price.  And if you have read it, please take a few minutes to let us know what you thought of it by rating it on Amazon.  We would really appreciate the help.  CREATING KATHRYN CROWN and THE STONE KILLER will not sell for $2.99.

I found out the reason for my horrible headaches the last couple of weeks.  I have a sinus infection.  Sounds so glamorous doesn’t it?  One more day of the ZPack and I should be all better.  Not.. My right eyeball still feels like it is going to fall out and roll on the floor.  That darned Bela could grab it up before I could ever get to it. But really, folks, I feel like  death sucking on a Lifesaver.

Well so much crap for now.  I promise the next blog will be more interesting.  Y’all take care and stay safe.  And no matter what is going on around you, write, write, write.

1/2 of DHL



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