ALTERNATIVE COVER, C K CROWNKATHRYN CROWN, NEW COVERI awoke to 40 degrees here in Colorado this a.m. and I’m sure the will chill is even lower.  Today is sweats day, so I’m toasty warm.  Tomorrow the weather will warm up and I’ll be back to wearing jeans and a shirt.  My Florida cats are curled up on the bed to keep warm.  They are not used to cold weather.  Outside the wind chimes are playing a merry tune and the branches of the trees are whipping back and forth.  I think we will have a hard winter this year.  Maybe not so much snow as deep cold days.  Oh well, I have plenty of blankets and this house seem tight.  Besides, I only put the heat on 69 degrees.  I don’t like a hot house.  If I get cold, I might up the temperature to 70 or 71.  Believe me, I have plenty of sweaters and three down coats, so I’ll be warm.  WeatherBug, on my computer, is flashing.  A winter storm warning has been issued for the northern part of the Colorado and the mountains west of the Springs.

Just what those folks need, a severe winter storm after all that flooding.  God, I hope it doesn’t hit those areas too hard.

Hey folks, we need your advise.  We have two book cover designs for CREATING KATHRYN CROWN.  Would you  email us at  and tell us which cover you would choose.  In the subject, type in Blue or Green, then give us the reason why you chose the cover you did.  Please, we would appreciate your opinion as readers and writers.

Everyone have a great day and stay safe.


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