In our house, we have a few towels that only our fur babies get to use.  Well, this weekend, those ratty old things were put to the test and failed miserably.

It started raining Friday night, rained all day Sat. and most of yesterday.  Our psychotic fur baby, the newest one, seems to love rain.  During the daylight hours this dog refuses to go outside.  The trainer we have coming on the 24th, insists we use nothing but buckle collars.  Well, let me tell you, it takes a block and tackle to get this dog outside during daylight hours.  Come dark, you can’t keep her in.  And, she loves the rain.  She has long hair so  of, course, that makes things interesting.  And wet.

The only really good thing happened on Saturday.  My super NOLES slaughtered Maryland 63-0. I have to say that Jimbo Fisher is not one of my favorite coaches, but even tho he stabbed Bobby in the back, he learned a lot from him.  That makes him a good coach.

Sister is about to freeze.  She is experiencing her first cold spell of the year.  She says she loves it, but I’m not sure I buy that.  This is the same woman who dug her winter things out if the temp dropped to 70 in Florida.  I can hardly wait to hear about her first experience with snow.

I am down to 106 pages of the KATHRYN CROWN book.  Can’t wait to get this woman out of my house and into cyberspace.  It is going to be a really good book, but editing over and over can get to you.  And by the way, don’t forget to pick which book cover you like best.  And please let us know your choice.

Now I have to deal with changing my insurance.  Lord, I would rather fight black flies in the jungle than deal with this.

Y’all take care and be good to yourselves.

Talk at ya later

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