Cat (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

For those of you who  have not read ‘A Circle of Murders’, give it a try.  No, there is not a lot of sex in the book, but it is a good story.  The story happened due to an actual abduction of a young girl in Tampa, Florida.  Her body was never found. To say that her story haunted us does not fully describe it.  We couldn’t forget that lost child.  But we knew that if all the resources at hand could not find her, the only way  she could be brought home was to create a story of how a young abducted did find her way home.  So we wrote Sarra’s story.  Give it a try, you might like it.

A fact that fills me with joy, we only have another 106 pages to go on editing Kathryn Crown and then it is format time and upload to CreateSpace and Amazon.   And there is sex in Kathryn Crown.  And keep and eye out for ‘The Stone Killer’, you can’t have romance without sex.

Speaking of SEX, my young and small female cat, Bandit, who I thought was a male thus the name, has come into heat.  I now know more than I ever wanted to know about the mating ritual of cats.  Oh, as soon as I find a veterinarian this problem will be resolved.  If not for my sanity, which is undoubtedly questionable, but for my cat’s.  So needless to say it is a bit noisy in my house.  She is very vocal about her what she wants.  And my neutered male cat, Pyewacket, seems to say, “Oh yes, I remember that activity, but I can’t help you now”.  I don’t need kittens running around, so Bandit is not allowed outside.  In fact, my cats are house cats.

Anyway, winter is again nipping at the door and it is wonderful to see the slashes of gold on the mountains.  I am filled with happiness from being back in Colorado.  I am also thrilled I now have new Colorado license plates to put on my vehicle, even if it did cost a couple hundred dollars.  My life is filled with writing, oil painting and the joy and hard work these two crafts I have been blessed with.  My sister and I work hard to make our stories, which are based on actual incidents, as well written and entertaining possible.

Well, it is late here in Colorado and my bed is calling me.  I hope you all had a fantastic day.  Take care and stay safe.



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