Downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak (Photo credit: Markusnl)

Yesterday was bright and sunny for most of the day.  It did rain a little in the late afternoon.  But, It is a chilly here in Colorado Springs today.  The high is supposed to reach the mid fifties.  Clouds cover most of the sky with a patch of blue here and there.  The wind is whipping the tree branches back and forth and adding to the chill.   I haven’t seen the sun as yet and Pikes Peak is socked in, thus hidden from my view.  Maybe farther up Ute Pass, they could have a touch of snow.  In town, winter is nipping at the foliage and trees along the streets vary in color from gold to rust and then red.  It is all so beautiful which creates a dilemma for me.  I need to be working on ‘The Stone Killer’, but also need to finish setting up my art studio, and I want to be outside photographing the fall foliage.  I do all types of oil paintings which I sell.  It is part of my income.

My schedule dictates that I write a minimum of a page a day, more if I am on a roll and the story is flowing.   In the afternoon, I would like to put at least three to four hours on a painting, but that does not always happen.  Sometimes this schedule works and sometimes it doesn’t.  Life interrupts all schedules.  There are times I need to paint for therapy.  Today feels that way.  As it is so chilly, going out to take photos for any reason can wait until tomorrow.

As you probably know, I’m a nut case, as most writers or artist have to be in order for us to have the wild and crazy imagination we have to create the stories we write.  The words we put on paper or a computer screen comes from the depths of us, our life’s experiences, the good and the bad and outside events.  We are exaggerators and elaborators.  We take a simple act and expound on it, stretching that incident to the limits and then ask, what if?  And so we create a story.

Boy, did I get off the subject.  A canvas is calling to me to finish a painting of flowers.  It is 12:36 here so I will write my page and then work on the studio.  I need to buy a carpet remnant as I have a problem with paint loaded brushes flying out of my hand at times and hitting the floor.  I don’t think my landlord would appreciate me staining his new wood floors.  So thank you all for listening,  I have solved my dilemma, I can do both today.

Oh, by the way, Bandit the cat is sleeping soundly in her bed next to my desk and near the heat vent.  My little girl is tired after chasing Stanley through the house this morning.  She is such a baby.

It’s lunch time, so everyone take care and stay safe.


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