Well that darned KC is finished and up loaded on Amazon kdp.    Please, for God’s sake buy the thing so I won’t feel like I have read it 4 times for nothing.  It really is good.  I think you will enjoy it.

As you know, last night was for the kids.  Trick or Treating.  We had horrible rain storms and most of the trick or treating in 3 states was changed to tonight or tomorrow night.  Can’t have the little kiddies getting wet.  Actually, Mommy and Daddy did not want to get wet.  But here in Northern KY, the kids are made of stronger stuff.  Boy they were out in droves with their wet bags and wetter costumes.  Good ole pioneer stock are the kids in my area.  Proud of them I am. Needless to say, some of that chocolate was mushy, but they didn’t care.  It was still good.  Lick the wrapper.  Who cares, it’s Halloween.

So far today, the sun is out and no rain in the forecast.  My goals for the day are: Pay Bills( I hate this part)  Clean my office and then print out what sister has  sent me of The Stone Killer.

The dog trainer had to postpone last week, so she will be here on Nov. 5th.  I can’t wait.  The Belgian has become a jumper and my arms look like I went through a barbed wire fence.  I should put a picture up, but I am so embarrassed.  I don’t dare wear short sleeves.  My husband would probably be locked up for abuse.  But he is totally innocent.

I think I will go fix me and the dogs some breakfast now.  The dogs first, because the Bischon won’t stop crying.

You all have a good day and stay away from the candy







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