Print-on-demand Books Hochroth Verlag HP Printer

Print-on-demand Books Hochroth Verlag HP Printer (Photo credit: innovate360)

CREATING KATHRYN CROWN finally has been corrected for the last time (I hope) and uploaded to CreateSpace for the print on demand version of the book.  Now I have to finish A CIRCLE OF MURDERS for uploading to Smashword.  Then on to the next book, THE STONE KILLER.

If you like ghost stories, murder and mayhem, you’ll love THE STONE KILLER.    Here is the blurb I have written for it:

You don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it, as Morgan Jansen finds out too late.

The bond between identical twins sometimes transcends death. So when Homicide Detective Sergeant John T. Huntington appears on Morgan’s doorstep, with his partner Esperanza Ortiz, she already knows her twin sister, Marilyn Heddrix, is in trouble and seriously injured. But, she is not prepared to hear that her sister has been violently murdered.

But Marilyn wants justice and refuses to stay dead.  She returns, as a ghost, to offer snippets of information about another victim, but nothing about her killer.

How can Morgan pass on the information to the detective without having to explain that it came from her dead sister’s ghost, especially to a man she finds so sexually attractive.

Detective Huntington and Morgan begin a journey into the world of paranormal to hunt for a serial killer bent on executing his own form of justice, while each comes to term with the demons from their past.



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