I got up to snow yesterday morning. The earliest I’ve seen it since we moved here.
I know it has been a while since I blogged, but life took over and I am swamped with just trying to stay on an even keel.
My sweet sister thinks she has a busy life. She has 3 cats. I,however, have 3 dogs. Cats do not destroy furniture, eat bedspreads, jump on you causing bloody wounds, nor do they potty in the backseat of the car from fear.
My sweet belgian had an appt. to be spayed yesterday. The next time she has to leave the house, I’m calling a cab. What she did to the backseat of my car is unspeakable. And we put a blankie in the car. Finally, we smartened up and asked for some kind of drug for this fur baby. She got her surgery and I don’t have to worry about a passel. of puppies.
she will be drugged froM now on if she has to get in the car.
I am so glad CREATING KATHRYN CROWN is up on Amazon (Kindle and paper back). Now let’s get to buying, people.
I am working on the edit of THE STONE KILLER which will be up in 2014. Hopefully we have learned a lot from the other two books and the editing will go smoother. I can hope can’t I?

Well, it;s about time for sister to call and I can say “yes, I posted a blog.”

You all have a wonderful day. Be sure to get a few minutes writing and editing. Stay safe and I’ll talk later.1/2 DHLRose_sm

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