To all the actors and actresses we have chosen to portray our characters, please do not be offended.  We mean our selection only as a compliment.

When we write about our characters in our novels, we have to create that person in our minds. To do so, we make a list and create a complete background for each one.  We know what they look like, what they do, their likes, dislikes, DOB, who their parents are or were, do they have a girlfriend or boyfriend?  We take that information and everything about that character and put it in a notebook to keep track of the storyline, what each character is doing and how they are affecting the story.  I know how tedious that job can be, but to know your characters, it has to be done.  Sometimes the information comes easy and sometimes, we have to dig for the information.  Once we have done all that, then we write the novel, and if we’re lucky, the characters take over and help write the story.  If you don’t know your characters, it will show in your writing.

Once the novel is finished, then we are allowed to DREAM BIG!  Maybe, just maybe  we might sell our beloved story’s movie rights to a production company.  Sound crazy?  You can’t be sane and be a writer.  I’ll be willing to bet that a large number of you do the same thing.  Sooooooooo, we have casted the characters for A CIRCLE OF MURDERS.


For our main character, SARRA GRAY, she had to be someone who would attract immediate attention.  We selected Mila Kunis.MV5BODQyNTQyNzY4MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODg5MDA3MQ@@._V1._SY209_CR17,0,140,209_[1] She would be a perfect Sarra.  She certainly would command a man’s attention.

JARRETT BLACKWELL was a coin toss between Paul Walker or Chris Hemsworth.  I liked Hemsworth and my sister like Walker. Actually, I liked them both, but she won the coin toss, so Paul Walker was cast as Jarrett.  MV5BMjIwODc0OTk2Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTQ5MDA0Mg@@._V1._SX140_CR0,0,140,209_[1]





Since CARUSO JONES is such a fun character, we had to find the perfect man for the job.  He had to be serious, but love to have fun and love to kid around, not to mention that Caruso has a velvet singing voice.  We don’t know if our choice can sing, but he looks the part.  We chose  Jeremy  Sisto.






The character of Big John Whitmore could only be portrayed by Keith David.  He is a fantastic actor and would make the perfect Big John.









Well, we wanted to share our creative casting efforts with you.  Tell us what you think.  You can e-mail us at

Please take care of yourselves and stay safe.  The best to you all.

To everyone who purchased the paperback copies of A CIRCLE OF MURDERS and CREATING KATHRYN CROWN, thank you so much.  We hope you enjoy our stories and will write a review.  God bless you.

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