I haven’t had the internet all day. Most frustrating when your sister is screeching at you to do a blog.
I have been meaning to write a blog for days, but I have so much to do that I don’t do anything. I swear, sister screeches at me, and I know that if I just started throwing stuff in the floor until I come to the computer, I would write more.
We went to Ohio last weekend for our other sister’s Thanksgiving dinner. Came home on Monday and cooked part of the dinner on Thanksgiving. Now tomorrow, I am cooking another turkey dinner just because my daughter-in-law has an 11 lb turkey. Lordy, I hope we have something else for Christmas dinner.
I am thrilled with football today. My Noles beat the Gators and Joy oh Joy, Auburn beat Alabama. Nick Sabin is probably curled in the fetal position crying. That was the most amazing 1 second in the history of college football. I loved it. Do ya think the Noles will be number 1 now?
I can hardly wait for THE STONE KILLER to be finished. This one is going to be our breakout book. This one is the best yet.
Well, I’m starting to ramble and spewing forth words that really don’t mean squat. So I will sign off for now. Y’all have a good night. Hope your teams won. Stay warm and safe. Talk at ya later.
1/2 DHL Rose_sm

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