Airman first class insignia

Airman first class insignia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am not normally a procrastinator.  When I have something to be done, I do it right away.  That way I don’t have to worry about getting it done.  This habit is probably due to my being in the USAF for almost five years.  Anyway, I am being so bad.  I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping this year.  I only buy for my sisters and one husband.  That is only three people, so you’d think I’d have it done by now.   So far, I have bought one present.  That is terrible,  And now, WINTER has returned to Colorado and we might have a dusting of snow for Christmas.

The temperature at the moment is 21 degrees.  It is gray and cloudy, and we might even get snow.  I do not drive well in snow, so I’d best get my butt in gear and finish my shopping today, wrap those presents and get them in the mail.  My sisters know that their present probably will not arrive until after Christmas.  They keep telling me not to buy them anything, but how can I not buy them a present.  They are my sisters!  Anyway, I’ll get it done.

I do not claim to be a morning person.  Since I acquired my youngest female cat, Bandit, she has decided I will become a morning person.  There I was in bed, sleeping soundly and enjoying a pleasant dream, which I can’t remember, when she decides I need to get up.  You know when you are asleep but still can feel when someone or something is peering at your face.  You guessed it.  Bandit!  She was staring at me to see if my eyes would open.  Normally Stanley does that.  I shooed her away and closed my eyes again trying to recapture my dream.  Well that was a waste of time.  Suddenly, I hear this noise behind me.  She was up on my dresser rattling my things around.  She knows she is not allowed on the dresser.  Needless to say, I got up out of bed, and I was glad I did as it was 8:33, and my landlord was scheduled to come by to repair my front door.

So up I get, and immediately  all three of my furry kids cry for their breakfast.  Once they ate, they settle down for their morning nap, except Bandit.  She goes on her morning tear through the house by chasing Stanley.  Pye has already snagged my recliner to curl up in for his nap.  All is right in my day.

I have to say that the website we have through wix.com is great.  I can edit it at any time, and the tech support is fantastic.  This company is great for writers who have a tight budget, as I’m sure a lot of us do.  The one thing I have learned in all my research, and I have done a lot of research, is that there are millions of writers with books on the web.  If you don’t have the budget for marketing it is going to be hard to make a living with your book sales.  Don’t quit your day jobs.  I have learned that from experience.

We fool ourselves when we publish our novels.  We have written this story, and we believe it is good.  It may not be the great American novel, but it is quality work that we’ve put our hearts and souls into, editing the text over and over to make it the best possible piece of fiction.  Our five-star reviews reinforce that believe.  And no, our reviews are not from family members.  Still when sales are few and far between, it is depressing for any author.  I sympathize with you all.  I am in that same boat and rowing like hell to find our way to the shore in this massive ocean of self published authors.

Well I keep hearing a line of dialogue from one of Tim Allen’s movies.  It’s a spoof about SYFY
TV shows entitled “Galaxy Quest”, where the Commander says, “NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER”, and we won’t.  Hang in there everyone.  Our day will come.

I have to say so long for today.  My character’s from THE STONE KILLER are calling me to get busy and add to their story.  I’d better get to it.  The story won’t finish itself.

Everyone have a great day and stay safe.

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