Cookie, Anyone

Cookie, Anyone (Photo credit: scubadive67)

I don’t know how bakers in bakeries do it day after day standing on their feet and making cookies and other pastries.  I made four and one half-dozen cookies and a large platter of peanut butter candy today, and I am exhausted.  Needless to say all those sweets are not staying in my home.  I made it all as thank you Christmas gifts for my mail man, a friend and the people who pick up my trash.  They are all considerate and nice people and deserve a thank you.

Oh Joy, Oh Joy!  My Christmas shopping is finished, the presents wrapped and I am so glad.  The New Year is fast approaching, and I again will be hard at work finishing THE STONE KILLER.  Of course, we will have to edit the text over and over for continuity, grammar, misspelled words and any other mistakes we’ve made.  The writing of a novel is not the hard part, it’s the editing process that can drive you nuts.  Because no matter how hard you work to make the text perfect a mistake will jump in there.  And you might wonder why a writer might be a little bit nuts.  Now you know.

This novel has taken on a life of its own. I love when that happens.  There will be more love scenes in this book because the story calls for it.  The old saying “when in doubt, leave it out,” applies in anything you write.  So keep writing, never give up, never surrender!

I am off to bed and a good night’s sleep.  Everyone have a great Christmas and Holiday.  Don’t eat too much.  Ah, go ahead, I probably will.  Stay safe.

Until we talk again.


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