1451Well it was another beautiful day here in Colorado Springs.  The mountains were clear and the sky was that gorgeous turquoise blue.  The temperature was close to 50, and possibly hit 50 today.  It was warm enough to go out without a coat.  Of course, I always keep an extra coat in the car.  I drove to a Mexican restaurant and had Chicken Enchiladas.  They were good, not the best I’ve eaten, but good,

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I am also an artist.  I work in oil paint so a run to Michaels for odorless turpentine was in order.  I haven’t completed a painting since my return to Colorado.  I’ve started a winter scene, but it is not finished.  My focus has been on completing my novels.  I plan to pick one day a week to work on my paintings.  I have several works that need to be completed.  The rest of my time will be devoted to writing.  The cherry blossoms painting is one of mine.  The photograph is not that great.

I did write almost 900 words last night.  So the book is progressing and the characters are talking to me again.  The one thing I have learned as a writer is that you can’t predict how many pages or how many words a novel will be.  We write until the story is complete.  So I set a goal of so many words to write per day and continue until the novel is done.  So I will continue on.

I guess that cold/flu(?) still has me feeling tired.  So I am off to bed.  This is a short post tonight.  So everyone take care of yourselves and stay safe.

Until we talk again, I wish you the best.

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