So far this morning I have cleaned up dead grass and mud, searched for lost Kongs from under the sofa and passed out treats to dogs that do not deserve them. Bella the Belgian has this thing about bringing mud and grass into the house. Not good for wood floors. All this before I’ve had my first sip of coffee.

The Polar Vortex is gone. That makes me almost as happy as saying goodbye to Chicken Pox when I was a kid. Now if I could get rid of the “winter itchies” I would be just as happy. Sometimes, I watch The Animal Planet channel and think “Good God, I act just like that Baboon.”

I have great plans for today. I’m going to clean my office. I started yesterday and found things I had forgot I had. I have three staplers. Why? I have an electric one, a manual one and one that sticks out from the end of a long metal rod. Don’t know where that came from. And on top of that, are the address labels. I do not have enough years left to use all of those things. I also have 7 calendars for 2014. Can’t give them away.

Well, I seem to be babbling, so I think breakfast is in order.
You all be good to yourselves and stay warm. Till later

1/2 DHL

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