cloudy day, snow and bella


It’s another cloudy day here in KY. Constant snow flurries, and even tho the temp is in the 20’s, the snow does not stick. If it did, it would be 3ft. deep.
I know I whined and moaned about hot weather when I lived in FL. But I think I have been here long enough that I can complain about the cold. I am tired of it. I am ready to plant something in the garden.

I bought a new coat yesterday. I don’t know why the Asian countries think American women are so small. I went to Macy’s because they are having a sale. Not one coat in that store fit me. Not even the 2x. How can that be? I know I could lose about 10lbs, but a 2x is too small?

I know I talk a lot about Bella the Belgian, but she is my wild fur-child. Yet she is so sweet it is hard to stay upset with her. She still goes ballistic when I pick up my purse to leave the house. My neighbor suggested I put some peanut butter inside her Kong and try to distract her with that. I will try.

Well sister sent me stuff to edit, so IIMG_0740 better get to it. You all be good to yourselves and I’ll be back later.

1/2 DHL

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