We are finally have a bright sunny day here in KY.  It is so good to see the sunshine.  It is still cold and we are supposed to get 1-3 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow.  COME ON SPRING!!

I spent most of Friday helping my daughter with a baby shower she was hosting on Saturday.  Of all things, she wanted me to make the chocolate bowls.  Now I have seen Martha Stewart do this and it really looked easy.  However, Martha never one time told me the darned things might explode.  So there I stand in the kitchen rolling a balloon around in melted chocolate.  Nothin’ to it, right?  Right.  Before I could blink an eye, I am holding the remains of a blue balloon and the kitchen is covered in melted chocolate.  Even my daughter’s mini laptop.  We cleaned up the kitchen and I went back to gluing flower petals onto styrofoam balls.  I am very good at that.

I was going to print the next part of THE STONE KILLER yesterday, but my printer is dry.  I swear, I spend most of my money on print cartridges.  So it is back to Staples today. I will let you know if the chocolate comes out of my sweater.  I use OXYCLEAN, so there should be no problem.  Billy Mays sure knew what he was talking about. You all be good to yourselves and work hard on your writing.  I’ll talk at ya later

1/2  DHL


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