12-5FD1B8B8-548836-960It has been a bitch of a day because my young female cat, Bandit, is in heat and driving my black male cat crazy.  Oh yes, he is neutered, but he still remembers what he is supposed to do to that hot little feline.  And yes, I know, you all are saying, get her spayed!  Every time I have started to take her to the vet to have that done, I get this knot in the pit of my stomach that says, don’t do it, she won’t make it through the surgery.  And since she is an inside cat, I don’t take her to the vet and my stomach quits hurting.   A friend of mine lost a little cat that way.  Her cat died while in surgery being spayed.  I can put up with her hormonal meowing for the short time she is in heat, with her it is usually a week or less, rather than have her die.  I think she is a reincarnation of my toy poodle. He thought he was a cat since he was raised by one from the time he was eight weeks old.  He died in December 2012 and Bandit was worn shortly thereafter.  She acts just like him, chasing her tail, giving me kisses on the cheek.  There are too many things that she does, that he did.  If you get the chance, read a book entitle FLUKE, A DOG’S TALE.  I do believe in reincarnation, so if you think I’m nuts, that’s okay.  You don’t have to be crazy to be a writer, but it surely helps.

S K CVR 6The other reason it has been a lousy day is because I have written three pages and the words are not working.  My characters are rebelling and saying that is NOT what happened.  I have to do a rewrite because I was trying to force the action in the story.  My killer just laughed at me and said he was on the hunt for a different person, and that bitch could wait her turn to be murdered.  Okay all ready.  I’ll rewrite those pages.   Hopefully this will appease my killer.  Since I came down with that blasted cold/flu my characters haven’t been talking to me.  Normally they do and their story just seems to flow from my fingers.  Have I killed too many people off in the story?  The murders were all planned by my killer.  He has executed three so far and is on the hunt for the fourth.  He is a blood thirsty SOB.  I hope his next victim gets away, but I doubt it.  He is so good at abduction and murder.

The last reason why it has been a frustrating day is because I have a spider bite on the outside edge and right in the middle of my right ear.  This has been going on for nearly five weeks.  Every time it starts to get  better, I think I irritate it when I sleep on my right side at night.  No, I can’t sleep on my back or my left side.  Frustrating.  I woke at 5:00 a.m. with it hurting like the devil.  I’m going to try sleeping in my recliner tonight and see if that will help solve my problem.  I go back to the doctor on the 27th and I hope it is better.  I am tired of this garbage.

Ok people, you keep writing.  Never give up, never surrender.  Until we talk, or I bitch again, take care of yourselves and stay safe.

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