There are two words that I have come to despise:  SINGLE DIGITS.  We are not talking fingers and toes here, people.  Those two words have been the temperature here in NKY for days.  I am so tired of being cold.  I’m even more tired of talking about it.   My sister and writing partner in Co. calls and says with a grin in her voice, “it’s 54 degrees out here,”  I am going out there this summer, and I just may take a ball bat with me.

I still haven’t been to Staples to get ink cartridges for my printer.  I swear I’m going today.  As soon as the temp gets above -2.

And id that’s not enough, My FU finger on my right hand is all dry and cracked.  They are all dry, no matter how much lotion I use.  I pulled my jeans off the other night, it looked like it was snowing in the bathroom.  I rub baby oil on my body every time I shower, (that’s a lot of oil, I tell you.)

Well, the furbabies are looking like,”do we get to eat today?” so I will quit bitchin’ for now.  You all be good to yourselves and stay warm if you can.  We’ll talk later.

1/2 DHLRose_sm

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