It is officially 12:04 on the first day of February.  Where did January go?  It seemed to rush by so quickly.  Maybe it’s just me pondering the rushing by of the days as time stalks us all.  I lost three friends in the month of January.  Three individuals I had known for years.  An absolutely beautiful young woman I knew believed she was too fat and starved herself to death.   A great ER nurse grew weary of life and so he ended it.   And finally, my coworker whom I shared an office with for two years and who wanted to live so badly, died from heart failure.   I am grieving for my lost friends.

It is hard for me to understand how my friend could let someone influence her so much that she thought she was ugly and undesirable.  IF ANYONE ever tells any of you that you are ugly, fat, undesirable, stupid or useless,  you tell them to GO TO HELL and to take a good long look in the mirror if the want to see the real ugly, stupid, useless person.

And people, life is not perfect, it is messy and a rough road to travel.  But it’s all we have.   A saying my mother used to tell me serves me so well when I am down.  God didn’t promise us a rose garden, but he gives us orchids alone the way.  Don’t let yourself become so despondent that you can’t see the sun and know that there is always hope.  We have to find those orchids in our lives and hang on to them, never give up, never surrender.

And my coworker.  She knew her time on this earth was limited and enjoyed each day as much as she could.  My sympathy is with her family.  She was far too young to die.

I have worked for two days cleaning my house and doing laundry.  I guess working until I am physically exhausted is my way of coping with the death of my friends.  It is only after my body refuses to work another minute and I have showered that I sit and let the tears flow.  so please forgive my sad blog, but my heart is hurting for the families who have suffered these losses.  I understand their pain all too well.  My prayers are with them.

Outside the motion senor lights keep coming on.  It is caused by the snow which is still falling here in Colorado.  The outside landscape looks pure and white, hiding all the sad blemishes underneath.  More snow  is predicted for tomorrow with possibly a break on Sunday and then more snow on Monday.  Right now there is a winter weather advisory issued from Denver, the Springs, Pueblo and on south.  The roads are snow packed and icy.  It is not safe to drive on the roads, even for a seasoned winter driver.

So  please, take care of yourselves, find the orchids in your lives, never give up, never surrender.  Stay safe

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