I’m off to Mansfield, OH this afternoon to visit our other sister and eat some of her wonderful chicken salad.  We had planned on going up tomorrow, but she has a snow storm moving in and Lord knows we don’t want to be on the road in that mess.  And don’t ya know, while I’m gone, our temp is going to be in the 40’s and 50’s.

Of course, I will take THE STONE KILLER with me and edit when I can.  I am anxious to read what sister has written.  She sounds so excited about how the story is going.

Bella just brought a big chunk of ice in the house.  I better get it before it melts on my wood floor.  That dog is such a mess.

You all be good to yourselves and whether you use a computer or pencil and paper, write something today.

We’ll talk later

1/2 DHLS K CVR 6

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