I have been here since Thursday and so far not one dog has barked or scratched at the door.   On Friday we went shopping.  Macy’s had a great sale and I bought two pair of boots

Mostly we sit around watching the Olympics.  We love them and they only come around every four years.  Or is it six?  I can’t remember.  I just know that our team seems off this time around.  Bode Miller is married.  That breaks my heart.  I thought sure he would wait for me.

I swear, I thought I was done with snow.  Got up at 8:00 and could hardly see outside it was snowing so hard.  Still is too.  The weather channel says it is 21 deg. here in Mansfield.  Sister will probably call later bragging about it being almost 70 in Colorado Springs.  I don’t know what is wrong with Mother Nature, but I wish she would get back on her Prozac and get this winter straightened out.

I got a couple of chapters of THE STONE KILLER EDITED.  Then discovered my printer screwed up.  The page #’s go from 104 t0 139.  That burns me up.  Now I will have to wait till I get home to edit any more.

Well, I should get some breakfast.  My sister here in OH is just aghast that we don’t get up and eat breakfast right away.  My stomach just won’t accept food the minute my feet hit the floor.  But she is sitting here with her bowl of Cheerios.  She adds about 3 grains of sugar and a few blueberries and calls it breakfast.  Of course, she is a lot thinner than me.

I really am hungry so I must go.  You all be good to yourselves and make sure you write something today. Just a reminder, we really do appreciate all of you who follow us on Twitter.



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