Well, it’s been awhile, but I finally got around to doing a blog.  Sister’s computer crashed and she is about to pull her hair out.  I’m sure she is dying to know what I’m doing on all our sites.

A couple of things the world needs  to know.  I say the world because I like to think big.  #1 is that we have changed the name of the detective in THE STONE KILLER.  Doesn’t JONAS BLACK sound better than JOHN T. HUNTINGTON?  JTH sounds like one of those pot bellied men who sit on the board of corporations.

#2 is that we are going to have a sale of our books.  A CIRCLE OF MURDERS will be on sale from March 14 thru 18 for $.99, then reverts back to the regular price of $2.99.

CREATING KATHRYN CROWN will we on sale from March 15-18 for $.99, as well.  Then reverts back to the regular price of $3.99.

Got up to snow this morning.  Another vortex coming.  High today of 22 deg.  I think I’ll just crawl into a hole, but I’m sure there would be snow in it.

Gotta go now.  You all stay safe and warm and be good to yourselves.

1/2 DHL


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