I have finally found the answer to Bella the Belgian’s  problems.  I have an appt. with a Dog Psychologist on Wednesday.  I am so excited.  I know he can help my poor dog with all of her issues.  Aggression, fear of the outside,  fear of the car, barking. She has others, but I don’t want to bore you.


Sister got her computer back, but she has a friend from FL visiting for a week, so she probably won’t be on till her company leaves.  There are so many things she wants to show her while she is there.

Well, once again, we are getting ready for a snow storm.  The prediction is for 1/2–1/3 inches of ice and 6-9 inches of snow.  Lord have mercy, I am tired of this.

Not much going on around here, I told you about the name change for THE STONE KILLER, and the book sale coming up.  Hopefully the book sale will be a huge success.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

So, you all take care and be good to yourselves.  Don’t forget to edit again and again.IMG_0740

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