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My visitor from Florida has gone home.  She told me she had a great time here and I am so glad as it was her first visit to Colorado.  She couldn’t believe how close we are to Pikes Peak.  Colorado Springs is spread out over the foothills of the Peak.   From where I live if you go into downtown, the Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs or any where west,  you climb in elevation.  On our visit to Manitou Springs, it butts up against Old Colorado City and Colorado Springs, we stopped at P J’s Bistro for lunch.  I had the best fish sandwich I’ve had in a long time and the price was reasonable.  They have the best fresh French fries also.  Their food is really great.

Well, we had a wet snow yesterday.  The sun is out and almost all the snow is gone.  I love Colorado’s winters.  Sometimes they are bad, but the snow does not last long at this elevation.  Spring is on its way as my Lilac bushes are trying to bud.

12-F01C6024-839974-960I have to rewrite parts of THE STONE KILLER.  I had forgotten how gigantic The Three Graces stone formation is and how big the fissure is.  My friend Robin could walk almost all the way back inside of it.  Also, another body dump site has to be changed.  You can’t always rely on memory for the setting of a scene.  Research, research, is a must.  So today I am back at my job of writing and correcting THE STONE KILLER.

So, Everyone have a great day, take care of yourselves and stay safe.

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