CREATING KATHRYN CROWNWell, I just uploaded the corrected versions of CREATING KATHRYN CROWN to Kindle and CreateSpace for POD books.   Again, to all who purchased our book before the corrections were made, we apologize for the errors you had to contend with.  We will work harder to prevent errors in our other books.

I am convinced that when you think you have completed a novel, you can always find something in the book to improve.  As you hone your writing ability and then go back and review a prior work, we all can see where improvements could be made or the story enhanced.  I think, maybe I’m wrong, it is best to work on the next book and apply that new-found ability to creating that story.    NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVR

That is what we’re doing, working to make THE STONE KILLER even better than our last novel.  I know the storyline has surprised me at times, especially when the characters create their own paths.   I promise this new book will be available no later than summer.  But we want to go over every word to make sure the uploaded files are free of any mistakes.  I don’t like to read a book loaded with errors, and I know you readers/writers don’t either.

The kids, my critters, are all snuggled down under afghans as it rained here most of the night, a steady easy rain which we needed.   The temperature outside is 51, but for some reason I am cold.  I am dressed warmly, but feel chilled.

Everyone take care of yourselves and stay safe.  There are no exact duplicates, so you can’t be replaced.  Until we talk again, remember NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER AND KEEP WRITING.



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