I can’t believe that it is spitting snow at this moment outside my window and the temperature is dropping steadily.  But that is the way it is here in Colorado.  As they say, if you don’t like the weather wait five minutes, it will change.    Our low tonight is supposed to be 28 degrees with more snow on Monday.  I hope it doesn’t happen, the snow that is, as the lilac bushes are blooming and my new plants will freeze.  It won’t do any good to cover them with a sheet as the wind is blowing so hard, it will carry the sheet away.  Blast it all.

NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRSince I’m not going out in this mess today, I’m hard at work on THE STONE KILLER.  I have to get this novel finished and I am ready to see the story come to an end.  But, it will end when the characters say it is finished.  There are a lot of things to be resolved yet, a lot of details to be added.  I guess I need to get off my butt and get it done.

THE RECKONING keeps boring into my brain late at night, and I am compelled to jot down all the thoughts racing through my mind.  It’s a story of payback for crimes committed.  I haven’t an inkling as to the book cover yet, but the imagine will pop into my head and the cover will take shape.  You will be happy to know the same characters are in the new story.

Well, thanks for listing.  Until we talk again, take care of yourselves and stay safe.  You are important to me and your families.  You can’t be replaced.




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