Sunset in NKY

Sunset in NKY

I thought I might jot a word or two this morning.  I hope you all have been well.  Has anyone noticed the weather is very strange?  It is 39 deg. in Northern KY this morning on the 19th of May.  Very strange indeed.

I now have something to edit.  Sister finished fixing and changing THE STONE KILLER, then sent it to me.  It would be nice if we both could work on it at the same time, but she has a PC and I have a MAC.  Those two don’t get along.  As soon as I can I will get a PC even tho I like the MAC.

I read the latest John Sanford book over the weekend.  I can’t pass up a Lucas Davenport novel even tho it pisses Sister off.  I am so good at that. 🙂 She only called me once yesterday and didn’t ask to talk to me when she found out I was reading something other the TSK.  I only had about 20 pages left when she called. If you don’t read a book every now and then, how can you write a book.  I think reading is as important as writing.  It helps hone your craft so to speak.    So, to make up for it I planted my cucumbers and green beans and even got started on editing TSK.  I really think you all are going to like this book.  It is the best yet. Today should be a very productive day editing wise.

I am leaving for CO. next Wednesday.  I am so excited.  Well, I need to get my day started, feed the animals and so forth.  You all be good to yourselves and we’ll talk again soon.


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