SINGLE COVER, A C OF MSome time ago, I wrote a blog about shoving our novels out into the world of the readers.  It is a scary thing which can make you doubt your ability as a writer.  Will my readers like my story?  Will they hate the book or think it’s stupid.  Will the book even sell?  All these questions raced though my head.  All I could do was wait and see.

When I uploaded my first novel, A CIRCLE OF MURDERS, I wanted to tell the story of a kidnapped little girl.   Children are abducted every single day and are never seen again.   Recently, someone even tried to snatch my neighbor’s son.  Thank God, he got away.  A CIRCLE OF MURDERS is loosely based on an actual abduction of a child from Tampa, Florida.  In real life, she was never found.  But she haunted me for several years until I sat down at my computer and wrote my fictional story of Sarra Gray.  I wanted her to come full circle because that was the only way I could bring her home.  The novel tells the story of her struggles  and how she became involved in a murder plot stretching back over twenty years, and how she survived to make her way home.

It is a good story and after reading a five-star review I received a couple of days ago, my faith in my ability as a writer has been renewed.  Being an author was what I wanted more than anything, even more than my art.  Normally, I don’t check to see how my books are doing on  By chance, I did today.

So to the gentleman that wrote that great review, you have my thanks.  Reviews help authors to strive harder to improve our craft.  You have given me encouragement and it is greatly appreciated.  Again thank you.

Dreamah H. Lockwood

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