My other sister left yesterday and oh, I hated to see her leave.  My house is empty except for me and the critters.  I always miss my sisters and family so much.  It’s too quiet so I leave music on the TV all day.  I had trouble sleeping last night.  Needless to say I’m a little tired today.  I hate nights like that when you can’t shut your mind off, but you’re too tired to get up and work.  So I tossed and turned and finally got out of bed and curled up in my recliner.  Strange how a stupid chair can send you to sleep.  Woke up at 8:15 to my hungry critters and a great need for coffee.  I will probably have to take a nap this afternoon.

NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRBack to work today doing correction and addition to THE STONE KILLER.  My sister is going to hate me for the additions.  But they are necessary.  Again I had left out important information and it had to be added.  I’m wanting this book finished, but only if it is as well written and the story is as good as we can make it.  No matter how long it takes.  You work a story until you get it right.

Everyone have a great day and stay safe.  Until we talk again,


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