NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRWhen I read a novel, especially a murder story or a mystery, I have trouble with the story if I can solve the murder or mystery within the first half of the book.  It ruins it for me.  I usually finish the book just to find out the why behind it all.  So when I was reviewing THE STONE KILLER, I realized it was going to be too easy for readers to discover who my killer is.  So I have made additions to the book to keep you guessing.  I hope it works.

Today has been hot!!!! In the mid eighties, almost  ninety.  For awhile it was eighty-five degrees in the house.  Since this house I’m renting has no air conditioning, I have a fan in every room and they have all been running on high today.  Now, and this is what is so amazing about Colorado, the temperature has dropped to sixty-three and I have the windows and front and back doors open.

I am thrilled that my new recliner was delivered today.  When I moved back to Colorado, since I had gotten rid of several pieces of furniture, my old recliner being one of them, I purchased a new recliner from a well-known department store.  It wasn’t electric and turned out to be the most uncomfortable chairs I have ever owned.  It was difficulty to push back and has caused me continuous pain in my shoulders, arms and neck.  Hopefully, this new chair will correct my pain problem.  I curled up and took a nap in it this afternoon and so far, so good.

Well back to work.  My time limit to finish this book is fast approaching and I really want it done so I can begin the next in the series.

All of you have a great evening and stay safe.  Until we talk again,



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