Good morning everyone.  I know it has been a while since I blogged.  I have been spending  most of my time editing TSK or picking green beans from the garden.  Then they have to be cleaned and snapped, blanched in boiling water, cool down and put in  freezer bags.

This damned computer is another matter.  I have discovered I hate it.  I do so wish I had bought a Mac.  The Word program I bought is for Mac or HP.  Stupid me, I am having so much trouble even keeping the cursor on the correct line.  For some reason, it decides where the cursor will go when I hit Enter.  Or there might be the possibility that I am doing something wrong.

I am running back and forth from the computer to the kitchen sink, which is full of beans that were picked a couple of days ago.  I clean the beans till I get tired then sit here try to think of something brilliant to say.

Well Sister just called, she is ready to start the reading of TSK.  We read it aloud so that will take at least a week.

I had better get back to the sink. 

You all take care of yourselves and stay cool.  We’ll talk later.  I haven’t learned to put pictures in on this piece of scrap metal. 

1/2 DHL



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