I got up to a very grey morning, but I don’t mind.  I actually get tired of the sunshine.  When I lived in FL, I prayed for a blustery day.  We seldom had one.

I am fighting a bout of depression these days.  My son is moving back to FL.  Oh, it comes with a promotion and more money, as well as, a chance to move up in the company.  But gosh I am going to miss them.  And it probably means we have to make that dreaded trip to the cesspool of the world, Florida.

I have 148 more pages to edit on TSK, then Sister will do her thing.  It should be up on Amazon in a couple of weeks.  She has already started working on the next in the series, and honest to Pete, I can’t remember the name of it.  But it will be good, so get your eyeballs ready for a good read.

Does anyone know how to grow a Lilac bush?  It bloomed this spring and then keeled over and died. It broke my heart too.  That is one of my favorite flowers.

Bella just came into the office so there will be chewing of something going on.  I need to give her her Prozac before it gets too far gone in the day.

You all be good to yourselves and don’t forget to edit, edit, edit.

We’ll talk later

1/2 DHLIMG_0740

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