NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRDo you folks have any idea, I’m sure other writers do, how creating a story can drive you nuts.  I’m already crazy, so I don’t need to go any farther around the bend of being nuts.  You work for months writing down a detailed story, and when you finally finish, you feel great.  Then comes the nightmare of the editing process.  Over and over you read and search for stupid mistakes until you almost hate the book.  That is the stage we are close to now.

For all you people who believe that being an author is easy, try it, see how well you edit your work.

I have no doubts THE STONE KILLER should be finished by now and all the editing done.  And, it is, almost.  We are working on the final edit.  I have finished the first half, sister is working on the last half, and then we switch section.  She will review what I checked, and I will go over and do the correction she has made.  Then we plan on uploading the book to Kindle.  Pray for us pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee, that we don’t find any more errors.

Well, we have decided on a book cover for THE RECKONING, and I hope everyone will like it.  Once it is completed, we’ll post it to Facebook or in a blog for everyone’s reaction.  It really fits the storyline of the book.  That novel is coming along nicely.  Jonas Black is going to have a rough time with this killer and connecting all the dots.

I’ll give you all the titles for this series so far, as each book has already been started.  Beginning with the first book, THE STONE KILLER, THE RECKONING, REDEMPTION, RETRIBUTION and the last one so far, REPRISAL.  I got stuck on the ‘Rs’.  All these books and characters are racing through my mind demanding I put the words into my computer.  And you wonder why I have trouble sleeping at night.  You would too if you were being haunted by all these characters.  I told you, I was crazy.  Now you know why.

I can only set my behind in this chair writing for so long before I must have a break or I end up with a headache.  Advil here I come.

Well, back to work or we’ll never get done with the editing.  I can hear all those characters screaming at me now.

Everyone have a great day and stay safe.


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