This is my second try. I hope this one works. First, I want to apologize for my last blog. I have no idea what happened. The same thing happened yesterday while I was editing. I’m moving right along and all of a sudden, some of the text just disappears. It’s still out there in cyberspace. I want the entire world to know I HATE THIS COMPUTER. You have no idea what a mess page 16 is. I have plain text. italics cursive, and every other font that is on this piece of crap. I have lines that are all in yellow when I just wanted one stupid letter.
at one point, I had lines totally blacked out. You would have thought the kgb had gone over it. Plus part of the text is just plain gone. I can’t find it to bring it back. Not only that, the icons on my desk top are huge. I can’t find out how to make them smaller. Sister keeps laughing or yelling, Sometimes I can’t tell the difference. I think she ran face and eyeballs into a tree while riding her broom.
Well, I’ve bitched enough. I did manage to get a boatload of beans in the freezer. ‘tup, I would
I think maybe, we should just take page 16 out. Not much is going on anyway.
If we weren’t in such a hurry to get this book up, I would take today off and do something fun.
By the way why does my cursor jump around?
Have a good day

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