NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRI can’t believe there are only 92 pages left to edit and we are finished.  God willing, we will upload THE STONE KILLER to Amazon Kindle by the 6th or 7th of September.  In a way it pisses me off that it has taken so long to finish this book.  It was partially written, about 25,000 words,  when we started on it in November or December last year.  But I suddenly remembered all the health issue I had after moving back to Colorado in August.  First I had to put the house in order.  That took some time.  I had to find new doctors, not that I’m sick that much, but they are necessary.  During all this time, I was adjusting to the altitude, recovering from flu, a visitor, a month straight of headaches, and then severe pain in my joints due to side effects from blood pressure meds.  Yes, I have a blood pressure problem.  It’s much better now.  During this time, I was working on the book off and on, but not daily.  Finally at the end of April, I was able to get back to writing full-time.  So, I guess when I look at it in that light,  finishing the book on July 8th AIN’T bad!  I thought it took so much longer.  Boy, am I surprised.

Well, I guess I’ll quit bitching about how long it took to write the book.  God willing, we can complete THE RECKONING  in record time.  And by the way, I just found in my documents file two more outlines for books in the Jonas Black series.   So now, we have storylines for six more books in the series.  They will all be paranormal, romantic crime thrillers.  I guess that is what we write and I hope you all like ghosts, romance, murder and mayhem.  There is plenty in the THE STONE KILLER story.  I have so many characters in my head wanting their stories told, sometimes I hate to leave my computer.  But I must give my brain, eyeballs and my body rest.   Like now.

Well, I am so tired tonight as I did not sleep well last night, and my Titan is pacing wanting me to go to bed so he can curl up beside me.  He’s my little bodyguard and is adorable.  I am so glad I adopted him.  Rescue and animal, they will give you so much love in return.

Everyone have a great Labor Day and stay safe.


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