Garden_of_the_Gods[1]Well didn’t I just have myself  a pity party last night!  Sorry folks.  There are people who have it so much work than I do.  But, I believe everyone, man, woman or child, should allow themselves one day a month to sit around, feel sorry for themselves and cry it out.  Man that is one great stress reliever.  We all have down days, yesterday was mine.  It’s done, over with and now to get on with it.  The sunshine will brighten the day.

Woke up to another chilly morning with the temperature in the low forties and high humidity for Colorado.  The mountains are socked in, but I hope we eventually have sunshine.  Even my fur babies are snuggled down, either under a blanket or on my bed.  I have a fuzzy afghan on my bed and the young female cat loves to curl up on it.  Everything I own in the way of bedding is washable.

All this humidity is not helping to dry that layer of oil paint I applied to the canvas yesterday.  I have others to work on,  and will work on a different one today.

Also, I need to finish the formatting for CreateSpace and upload THE STONE KILLER for a print on demand book.  So back to work.

Everyone have a great day and stay safe,


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