NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRI have preached my motto, never give up, never surrender,  to you all since we uploaded our first novel, A CIRCLE OF MURDERS.  I firmly believe in that motto, and will continue to believe as I continue to work to succeed as an author.  But being a writer is a daunting task in the effort for all self published authors to market of our books.  Sometimes coming up with ideas to promote THE STONE KILLER and our other novels leaves me too mentally exhausted to even look at my computer screen.  I have read most blogs and suggestions on the Internet from others how to market.  I have contacted newspapers, television stations, book stores about book signings and emailed everyone I know and some I didn’t know telling where to buy the book and what it is about.   And if they buy it, and enjoy the story, please tell your friends about it and to buy it.

Why is it when you say you are a self published author that some people automatically think, “well, she couldn’t find a traditional publisher so her book can’t be very good”.  I see it in the expression on people’s faces and it pisses me off.  Granted there are poorly written books out there, but for God’s sake, don’t put a person down because they self publish before you read their work.  Even the poorly written book deserve acknowledgement for that writer’s effort.  I will not give anyone a bad review.  If you don’t like an author’s work, keep your mouth shut and let us decide for ourselves.

There are a great number of outstanding authors out there who self publish.  They do it because traditional publishers take forever to get a book out on the market, don’t want to spend the money to promote a book and don’t want to give an author a decent percentage of sales.   It doesn’t mean we can’t write.  It only means we want a decent pay for our efforts.  And yes, I hope I can consider myself a good authors who tells a riveting story.

Literary agents are missing the boat by not considering self published authors.  All they have to do is look inside the book on Amazon or any of the other sites to discover how well an author can write.  They should buy it, they might like it.  How well a book sell on self publishing sites is only indicative of how much marketing has been done.

Anyway, I’m off my soapbox for the evening.

Our books are about murder and mayhem, Jonas Black hunts down the evil wrecking havoc in his town and tried to give justice to those who have been wronged.  On my computer, I have outlined and started four more of the Jonas Black books in the series, THE HANGMAN, THE SNATCHER, THE ADVENGER, THE GARDNER plus brief sketches of others stories.

089I have been working most of the day on an oil painting. The painting at the left is on a 30 x 48 canvas and was created for a Christmas contest where I used to work.  It is of Billie from the Polar Express movie and now hangs on the wall at my sister’s house in Kentucky.  It was a gift to my sister’s husband because he liked the painting so much and watches the Polar Express every Christmas.

Creating a painting gives my mind a break from keeping track of all the minute details in the storyline of a novel.  It is relaxing and tiring at the same time.  Most of my photographs for painting I want to do are loaded onto my tablet.  I worked so long today, I ran the battery down.  I hope to have this painting finished by Monday at the latest.  There is a lot of detail work that has to be applied in layers.  When it is finished, before I deliver it to the person it’s for, I’ll take a picture and post it in a blog.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Have a great Sunday and stay safe.  Keep writing,  NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.





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